About the Initiative Group

The INITIATIVE GROUP was founded by four food and beverage experts who decided to combine their skills, experience and originality to create a new culinary and beverage concept. The founding team has been involved in launching and managing an eclectic range of hospitality outlets from five-star hotels to nightclubs in London and across the world over the last decade.

Innovative and ingenious, The INITIATIVE GROUP Team aims to be creative and daring instead of playing it safe and duplicating concepts in an industry that is evolving constantly and follows unconventional trends. The INITIATIVE GROUP has limitless resources due to its extended network of industry professionals who are always on hand to advise, support or commit to every project they take on.

The INITIATIVE GROUP commits to ensuring that success is an imperative for each project. The team works to understand the market, competition, specific context and any creative and cultural differences. The knowledge obtained through extensive research is in turn translated into a unique identity, perfectly designed to make the biggest impact.

Complacency is the enemy of a thriving business.

This is why The INITIATIVE GROUP constantly strives to improve its products, services and experience, investing heavily in developing projects through close collaborations with the founders, the design team, and artists who are commissioned specifically to create the perfect aesthetic environment for each location. The INITIATIVE GROUP finds passion through its work, love through its expertise and commitment through its success.

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The INITIATIVE GROUP’s very first venture, THE FRENCH CORNER, is a concept market

located in the heart of Mercato Metropolitano, in the central London borough of Southwark.

THE FRENCH CORNER is an immersive journey into the French culture on the edge of the Thames, with traditional French delicacies and traditions.

Relax and unwind in the early evening and even have a little dance later on…

The French Corner is the ultimate festive food market where an oasis of traditional French desserts awaits. Enjoy the mouth-watering delights of Crepes, Bûches du Noel, Canelet and Paris-Brest, which are all freshly prepared and presented with typical French finesse. In between sweet indulgences play a round of ‘Pétanque’ or enjoy performances by French street artists in this very Gallic corner of London.

Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway - SE1 6DR London, United Kingdom​ - Phone: 07542 462423

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Launched last February, FACTORY 45 is an unusual lifestyle venue.

During the day, the space is used as a studio for Yoga sessions, as an Art & Fashion showroom for upcoming designers as well as a creative work place for start-ups. But when the clock strikes four, the venue transforms into an unlikely cocktail bar.


FACTORY 45 has a unique layout, inspired by the works of legends from the 70s such as Andy Warhol and Stanley Kubrick. It looks and feels like a scene straight out of a Warhol workshop. The multi-sensory experience is the perfect venue for cocktail lovers and party goers.

FACTORY 45 hosts an assortment of arts events as well as brunches organised in collaboration with a number of London socialites.

With a cocktail bar and table service, FACTORY 45 offers guests a unique drinking experience in a remarkable venue. 

44-46 Newington Causeway - SE1 6DR London, United Kingdom​ - Phone: 07378 361006

Our Projects

French Corner
Deja Brov
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Abel is brought to you by Javier Duarte, the former executive chef at BARRAFINA, and his highly efficient team of professionals all driven by the same desire to ensure diners leave the venue with the best memories. Enjoy a perfect gastronomic experience, with exquisite service from start to finish.


Having spent considerable time in both the Basque Country and Nice, on the Côte d'Azur, Abel’s cuisine is influenced by an enormous range of products plucked from the sea and the fertile Mediterranean valleys, including seafood, hams, fruit and freshwater fish.

Essentially a counter food and Aperitivo Cocktail bar, Abel opened in March 2018 to huge success. Designed by London agency Red Deer, the space is warm, cosy, and joyfully eclectic, from its tasteful tiling to artful cocktails all bathed in low lit glamour and luxury.

Fresh seafood platters are displayed on the marble bar counter lined with vintage bar stools in this ultra-cool and luxurious new haunt.


Eat comfortably at the bar whilst watching the chef ballet cooking or take freshly cooked bites and homemade infused drinks to tables in the main dining room.  

Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway - SE1 6DR London, United Kingdom​ - Phone: 07500 808628

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If we had to describe THE CONSERVATORY Pop up in three words, they would be as follows:

enchanting, authentic and surprising.


Launched this November, The Conservatory Pop up shares its space with the

Whitworth Locke, Manchester’s newest aparthotel.​ Located in arguably the most eclectic part of town, The Conservatory is your secret neighbourhood hang-out, with a touch of chic and a large measure of everything else.

The atrium of the building has been transformed into a stunning bar. The glass roof reveals the changing colours of the Manchester sky, its intricate detail complementing the dimly lit exposed brickwork. Sit back and soak in the atmosphere throughout the afternoon and into the night.

Whitworth Locke, 74 Princess St, Manchester M1 6LS

Meet the team

Romain Dreyfus

Co founder

Thibault Bouquet de Jolinière

Co founder

Romain Ribera

Co founder

Youri Michel

Co founder

Romain is a multi-talented professional who has worked in the hospitality industry for the last ten years.

A highly-trained and experienced operational manager, Romain has run some of the most luxurious beach restaurants on the “French Riviera” for the last six years. To strengthen his knowledge, Romain recently graduated with a Master’s in Business Development.

He has now devoted his skills and passion to THE FRENCH CORNER concept which he believes will be one of the greatest achievements of his career.

Thibault’s career in hospitality started in Monaco at the Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Vistamar” in the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. ​

During a five-year spell with the Wolfgang Pucks fine dining group, Thibault was involved in the international launches of seven new restaurants including Cut and SPAGO  before heading the team at “Cut”, 45 Park Lane.

In 2015, Thibault launched CORCO, a consultancy agency focused on Food and Beverage project management and strategy. 

Since moving to London seven years ago Romain has worked up the nightlife industry ladder, culminating in the position of Marketing & Corporate Manager for famous clubs/bars such as Boujis club, Eclipse bar and Raffles.

Today Romain works as Project Director for Olivia Production, a Global Entertainment Booking Agency and a family business with more than 25 years’ experience.


The agency creates diverse and dynamic events all around the world including London, Paris, Barcelona, Seoul and Doha. Romain is also one of the main founders of London Village Kids.

Proven young entrepreneur and socialite Youri initially started in the food and beverage industry, creating and consolidating his reputation with Starwood Hotels such as W Hotel Leicester Square, W Paris, W Bogota etc. He then moved to D&D Group as Lifestyle Brand Director where he reinvented the brand, opening several successful new venues. 


In 2015, Youri founded THE SUPERNOVA, a lifestyle marketing, creative and communications agency. 

In three years, THE SUPERNOVA has revolutionised the PR industry, developing iconic brands such as Estée Lauder, VELOCITY, Absolut Vodka and more.


We offer unrivalled expertise in every sector of the hospitality industry.

With exclusive access to our network of business partners your project will exceed your expectations.

Join the INITIATIVE GROUP circle and look forward to future success


We’re a London-based consultancy group specializing in high-end hospitality concept management.

Our extensive portfolio of consultants and industry leaders have the vision to predict trends and transform creative ideas into thriving businesses to maximize your potential.




Excellence is what drives us.

Our team is passionate about delivering the highest degree of hospitality. 

We build strong working relationships with our clients, working closely to achieve their goals.


The INITIATIVE GROUP strategy is always built by client needs, market position, time and budgetary pressure and outcomes required.

Simply hand over the brief, agree the budget, and relax as the project is delivered seamlessly, on time.


The INITIATIVE GROUP takes care of everything from start to finish.

The INITIATIVE GROUP’s team is young, dynamic, passionate and brings a touch of freshness to the industry.


Here is a selection of what we do for your success.



Locke is the luxury apart hotel chain developed by SACO GROUP that aims to create an experience that connects

like-minded travellers and locals through carefully designed socially immersive settings. 

Locke has been created to cater for what we call the “modern urban traveller”.


This would be characterised as urbanites that fall within the Gen X - Z demographic. Although Locke is designed to accommodate everyone, Locke lends itself to corporates within creative and tech industries travelling for periods of 3+ days. 

As part of their strategy, Locke Hotels outsource their F&B outlets offering to its guests the most relevant delicacies depending of the location, culture or the design that make it whole. However you can always find at Locke Hotels a third wave coffee operator, a fine restaurant, a trendy cocktail bar and more if the venue offers more space.

Locke Hotels has commissioned THE INITIATIVE GROUP to curate

the perfect formula and manage food and beverage solutions within their premises.





Market study

We provide an up to date, quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market.

We looks into the size of the market both in volume and in value, the various customer segments and buying patterns,

the competition, and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation.

Spatial planning

We orchestrate the coordination of practices and policies affecting F&B spatial organisation.

Food design and Service

Financial analysis


Program development


Operator sourcing

We've been busy






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DEJA BROV is a brand for food and beverage enthusiasts who understand that the products they buy define their lifestyle. DEJA BROV is the story of four friends with four complementary skill sets that when combined created a truly professional team.


Proper beer is more than just a product. It’s our mission.

In 2017 we made it our business to change the way people think about beer. For too long, people have had to settle for bland, insipid beer. We are here to raise their expectations of how a proper pint should taste. Because we believe great beer isn’t for a select few. It’s for everyone.


But great doesn’t come easy. We never compromise on the things that matters: sourcing the best ingredients, giving the beer time to brew, demanding the tightest quality control from barrel to tap.

We honour traditional brewing methods and recipes, but where technology helps us to hone our craft and serve a wider audience, we use it. DEJA BROV Beers are brewed in Bermondsey (London, UK) at the FOURPURE BREWERY. All this dedication in pursuit of one thing, flavour.


DEJA BROV offers a selection of four different beers: Lager, Pale Ale, IPA and an American-style beer.


Since July 2018, DEJA BROV decided to bring a food element into its concept. The Lobster tail and sauces pairing with beer is the latest attraction in this exciting culinary venture which never stops reinventing itself.


44-46 Newington Causeway - SE1 6DR London, United Kingdom​ 



From food and product sourcing, menu development to wine list creation, recruitment to staff training, accounting to operations: we guide you all the way to help you finalise your hospitality project.


Core structure and understanding your needs to create a concept for you:

• Market research

• Budget and financial elaboration

• Finding the Venue (The INITIATIVE GROUP has the best contacts in London and abroad to find the best location for you)

Food and Beverages concept orientation:

• Food program design / sourcing

Menu concept, Food cost​

• Purchasing management

Guarantee the best product at the best price

• Beverage design

Drinks and Bespoke cocktail and wine list




The INITIATIVE GROUP’s team can produce bespoke Independent business reviews, establishing a diagnostic of what can be done to improve achievement and offering strategic advice.

From the GM to the hotel team through the central and head offices. All aspects of hotel and restaurant management and performance are taken into consideration. The statements are frequently benchmarked to certify we offer the best possible estimations.



Our specialists examine hotels and restaurants with no interruption on a daily basis.  The INITIATIVE GROUP’s partners implement a strategy to help you identify the best way forward for your business.

We offer professional expertise to owners and investors planning an acquisition. When it comes to examining expediency and depth of market expertise we have the team to deliver.



We work with partners in relevant innovative fields. We are experts in the fundamentals of strategic marketing: Devising, analysis, marketing mix, segmentation etc.


We are young, involved, and adaptable to transcend into the media-fragmentation/social & digital era. We understand the need to create and amplify engaging content, integrate an increasing number of channels, listen furiously to users and respond at break-neck pace. 

We deliver efficient, profitable, ‘sticky’ marketing programmes.


With the help of our best PR teams, we can design a full marketing and PR strategy customized to your needs.



We are hiring!

Check the positions now opened described below and if you are interested send us your cv!



Location: London, Mayfair


Location: London, Mayfair


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Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

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