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Beverage - London's first low ABV bar

As The Initaitve we are very proud to introduce to you London's first low ABV and low sugar bar. Over the past few years, there’s been a growing demand for low ABV and low-sugar serves. From Brooklyn to Houston and Singapore to Mexico City, more and more low ABV and low-sugar options are appearing on menus worldwide. The demand for such places have marked a new era in hospitality - the raise of low alcohol bars and non alcoholic distilled spirits. Beer companies are also getting much better in creating their 0% beers.

Healthy habits have finally made it recently to the top trends in lifestyle, and we hope they will stay there for a bit. Exercising, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, vegetarianism and veganism have landed for good amongst celebrities and influencers last year. Hotels are building mediation rooms and yoga studios next to their gyms, menus of even the most renown restaurants in the world now offer vegan alternatives. It is in fashion to put yourself first! The mentors, however are trying to push the bar a bit further. The usual Detox periods are great, and green juice for breakfast does make miracles, however we are still quite hesitant with complete rejection of our dark, unhealthy habits. One of them is alcohol. Although, the mocktails are already quite popular, mostly thanks to our Middle Eastern friends, who will always seek new non alcoholic thrills on beverage menus, it is still quite hard to find a place to hang out in the evening, where alcohol wouldn't be predominant.

Shaman is just such a place, beautifully designed, small but cosy - apart from the turmeric and ginger shots, purifying selection of cold pressed juices and artisanal soft drinks, in the night it turns into a fun cocktail bar. Our cocktails are as fun, as tasty as the ones served in a regular bar! Check out our menu here!



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Location: London, Mayfair


Location: London, Mayfair


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

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