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Food for thought - best cookbooks of 2019

We are nearly there, the year of 2019 does not have long to live now. For some it means, it is high time to revisit what's happened. It seems, one of the fore jumpers are the cook book reviewers, as there is quite a few lists with the best cookbooks popping out here and there now. Two have impressed us most, the one published by The Guardian, and the one from New Yorker. Quite a few positions we knew, quite a few were new to us. Here would be our top five picks.

The Book of St. John - as it comes from the legends of St. John, it will contain a lot of meat recipes. We believe in the responsible meating, which uses all parts of the animal, and this is where this book comes handy - you won't find better recipes for Devilled Kidneys, or ideas for pork trotters.

The Gaijin cookbook: Japanese recipes from a chef, father, eater and lifelong outsider - by Ivan Orkin - you surely must know Orkin from Netflix's Chef's Table - he is the legendary Ramen guy, who opened his own Ramen shop in Tokyo and was not chased out by yakuza. If you ever dreamed of mastering the thick, meaty noodle soup, this is a must have position for you

Zaitoun: Recipes from Palestinian Kitchen - is a fantastic compilation of recipes gathered from best Palestinian home cooks. The modern Israeli cooking has been taking over world's best cities and gaining amazing reputation. Yasmin Khan shows us the dishes with well known flavours of rose water and honey, over greens and pulses, but she digs out the regional marvels of cooking in Gaza - the region that disappears in our eyes. So not only a culinary treat, but also a great impact in preserving of a culture.

Black Axe Mangal - the book from the rebel, from the true punk rocker at the grill - Lee Tiernan. An amazing compendium to all who love playing with fire, and walk around smelling of a thick smoke. From this book you can learn how to debone a rabbit, or hot box a mackerel. Definitely a position for advanced home cooks and professional chefs who want to bring another, darker dimension to their cookery.

Sour: the magical element that will transform your cooking by Mark Diacono is the ultimate cookbook for our times, so not surprisingly it won The Times book of the year award. Mark is the kind of guy, who lives in rural Devon and has his garden where weird things grow. Sichuan pepper, chilean guavas or Japanese quinces. His food is rooted, and rich in seasonal and foraged plants. In Sour he explains how use the tricky flavour in a proper way, and it always works.



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