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Food for thought - Restaurants on the edge by Netflix

Here we go with a new tv show about restaurants, food and people who live for it. Reviews are mixed - The Guardian slayed it, Newsweek praised it. I hesitated for a while before hitting the play button under the first episode. I did it, and I kind of got hooked. Many compare the show to the one where Gordon the foul mouth goes around crucifying failing restaurateurs and taste blind chefs, or to the Queer Eye... And in a way it is something in between, but I wouldn't really want to compare it to shows that exist. I was keeping the show on the shelf because I am really fed up with lift-ups. Seriously, everything possible was already pimped up on tv - cars, bikes, bicycles, restaurants, mums, widows, ugly betties, houses, offices, shops, barbers... If you have any craving for things inspiring - don't watch make over shows! But then, I have started the episode where a well known Maltese footballer follows a small dream of having restaurant, buys this super cool place on the sea facing promenade, in Malta. Place is so beautiful you want to have a teleport in your house and go there now. The main character - you just want to give him a bear hug and help him. And the guys that show you around Malta - a fully tatooed super beautiful girl that is a Fishmonger and takes you to the most incredible fish market in the middle Mediterranean - c'mon! I love travel shows, I love to dream about travelling, and eating local food... So here we are, I would really relate to 'Restaurants on the edge' as primarily a travel show. The producers went far above expectations with their scouting teams, each place they take you is set in an incredible surrounding. The characters that run the run down places are all honest, good people, who just somehow lost the ability to step away from the hustle of the daily tasks, duties and routines. You really wish them well, you want to see them succeed. The hosts are there to take you through their adventure, and they find really inspiring local characters who represent and show the identity and genuine character of the cities, towns and villages. And I really like this. A true feel good show that also educates a bit, shows few good restaurant management ideas and serves up mouthwatering food. A thumb up from me!



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