• Anemona Knut

Food for thought - Todo Sobre el asado

Allright, this is NOT a film for sensitive souls who despise the whole meat culture. Meat lovers will love it, and flexitarians - well, it’s going to be a good lesson for them. Todo Sobre el asado is a film about the argentinian barbecue. In the times when more and more of us realise how horrendous is the impact of meat industry on the climate change, it is important to understand thone who can’t live without meat. Argentinas are the biggest beef eaters in the world, they consume 70kg of beef per capita and they are undoubtedly the best at grilling it. Forget about the massive gas or coal Americans barbecues, or the Jamaican smoking barrels. What the world’s best chefs compete at nowadays, is the size of their outdoors fire pit, with the hight of the metal cages where they hang pineapples, chickens and ducks. And the number of iron crosses around it, with the wide spread lamb, pig and calf carcasses that cook and smoke at the same time. This all takes you to straight back to gauchos in Argentinian plains. The documentary is brilliantly shot, very well narrated (although all in Spanish with English subtitles), with deep insight into the cruel but extremely knowledge full obsession with meat.

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