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Food for thought - what we make of Netflix’s classic Chef’s Table season 6

Chef’s table is probably the most famous documentary series about Chefs. Beautiful cinematography and the carefully selected, most inspiring characters from the culinary world. The first seasons drew the world closer to the legends, awarded by Michelin or listed on World’s 50 Best, showing their passion and unveiling the hard proffesional journey.

Few weeks back, Neftlix has released the newest, 6th season of the series. Is it still as exciting? Is it still worth watching? For as much as I understand wide public might have gone off the biographies of those who dedicate their lives to cook, I can not imagine anyone passionate about food and our industry to be left disappointed with the new 4 episodes. The four new characters shown tell us each a different life story. Mashama Bailey shows how she discovered the way back to her homeland and how she connected with the past through the food. Dario Cecchini, the most inspirational butcher I have heard of, explains the pain and emotional battle he had to win to grow in his profession. Like no other he explores the ethics as the core of butchery. Asma Khan gives us a story of someone, who’s passion for food has overtaken every aspect of life, and she shows us how she’s managed it. Sean Brock talks about the spiritual connection with the land and how he’s managed to overcome the biggest problem life can throw at us - a serious medical condition. So this time, it is not about superstars, its about real, passionate people, who have their struggles. What makes them stand out from others is not only their true devotion and respect for food, but the way they managed a real crisis - out from the ashes, to grow the roses of success.



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