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London Restaurant Opening - Darby’s

Dairy in Clapham has learned indisputable renoma, it was therefore natural for Robin Gill to seek a spot for a bigger, more serious restaurant. He has chosen a spot in rapidly developing south, not really far from his ’block’. Vauxhall is changing, from the rough on the edges, ravy party hub of rainbow children, surrounded by industrial sites of countless ware houses and expedition centres, to sky-scrapping enclave of stacked luxury apartments, massively overpriced and mostly empty. And - the new American Embassy.

In the middle there is Darby, an american-Irish concept that glorifies the art of bread baking (own bakery is in its heart), brings lots of live music, and serves seriously good plates of food, cooked in an honest and grounded way, just what you would expect from an Irish diner. Here you can find oysters, whole grilled turbot, good piece of steak and a whole chicken to share. Let’s not forget a pint of Guinness with half a dozen oysters for a tenner. Check the menu here, on the original website. Read Robin’s Gill story about the place here.


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Location: London, Mayfair


Location: London, Mayfair


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

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