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Marketing - Instagram Do’s and Don’ts for hotels

Although Instagram is by now a must in a good PR for any business, there is still so many of us who find it baffling, complex, confusing. Cendyn, a hospitality cloud system company, has produced a great and simple guide of do’s and don’ts. The cardinal rules are:

DO focus on images of people - Instagram is a visual platform and quality of pictures is essential, but too many of us make mistakes of posting beautiful pictures of perfectly prepared rooms, breathtaking balconies with unforgettable views, or flower arrangements and empty swimming pools. However, people are after experiences nowadays, so what they want to see is others enjoying themselves in your hotel.

DON’T ignore your audience - Instagram is about creating a dialogue, so make sure you respond to all comments on your posts in timely manner. Engage in conversation. Be present.

DO use fun and creative captions - a post without a caption is just not engaging and easily missed.

DON’T overuse/misuse hashtags - hashtags are important but should not overshadow your caption, use them in moderation, with consideration and use only relevant ones

DO post promotions in your IG stories - stories are engaging and short lived, they are a great way to address your public and test ground for future campaigns.

DON’T binge post - its important to post regularly, but you need to be able to manage your posts in a proper way and be responsive. If you have many images to show, post them as a multiimage rather then many separate posts.

DO promote your town and local events - people love to see you are involved in local culture, it’s not about you after all!

DON’T forget about current guests - Instagram is not only to attract new clientele, it also is a way to establish a relation with your current guests, post things relevant for them too, such as happy hour announcements etc.

To get more advice, go to the

Cendyn Blog

and download the full guide.



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