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New Years Eve - food and drinks from around the world

Although it is always fun to go out, it is always great to dance at midnight with a glass of Champagne in hand, or stroll happily with a slight swing in hips through big city streets looking out into the dark sky for glimpses of fireworks, quite a few of us like to stay in. Being at home, however doesn't have to be boring. With friends, family or even on your own, you can still prepare a feast, and raise a glass to all the good things to come. If you need inspirations, there are some dishes from all over the world to inspire you.

In the south of America, they eat Hoppin' John - a dish of black eyed peas and rice. Spanish are more restrained and eat precisely 12 grapes. Mexicans start with Tamales - small banana leaves parcels with corn dough that's stuffed with meat, and in the morning they cure all aches with spicy tripe soup. Dutch have their dumplings with raisins. Germans and Austrians have lucky marzipan pigs, in Japan they eat Soba Noodles. Italians eat sausage and lentils, Poles and northern-men (Scandinavians) eat pickled herrings (they also are an amazing hang over cure) while Danish and Norwegian have a stacked cake. If you need more details, get them



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