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People and Culture - 3 steps to make your staff happy

It's not a tabu anymore to talk about the difficulties with finding and retaining good stuff, especially in the light of the newly proposed Visa limitations for low skill workers. The recruitment in hospitality becomes increasingly more difficult. We know we can tackle the problem with precise strategies, such as brand visibility in social media, offering competitive job packages and creating strong company's culture. What is, however the best way to make sure those, who already work for us are motivated and engaged? This is now more imporant as ever, especially when we know that in our sector the employees are more likely to complain and express their dissatisfaction than in others.

'Employees are the backbone of any company and their work can give a company a really great way to start a business and achieve its goals. But, if the employees are unhappy, it really affects the business. 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. 81% of employees could leave their job today. Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable (Adeel Shabir, Centriq)'

The article published recently in Big Mouth Survey outlines three easy to implement methods of ensuring the job satisfaction of employees is optimal - ask about the Job Satisfaction, determine what increases the job satisfaction and (what is quite obvious) - implement changes. If you want to read about it in more details go the original article here.



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