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People and Culture - Mindfulness, improving the culture of service

Mindfulness is the golden measure, it improves our mental health, it helps children at school to battle the overstimulating world they are surrounded with, it is now prescribed by doctors, and there is growing number of retreats offering mindful escapes. It’s not a surprise to see the People and Culture professionals bringing mindfulness to the training programs in hospitality companies.

‘According to a study on work-related mental health and job performance, mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) can be effective when a trained instructor works with employees to be more mindful. MBI is a secular (not based on religion), conscious discipline around how we pay attention to our life. It’s most simply described by Jon Kabat-Zinn as the intentional cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness. Simply stated: being aware of the present moment without judgment of self or others. The practices of mindfulness have been shown to be transformational in a number of industries. Westin hotels, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Google and Facebook all have programs to aid employee wellness that goes beyond the usual insurance plans and on-site gyms. Famed Chef Eric Ripert, owner of Le Bernardin,

credits meditation

for his transformation from screaming and plate-throwing to express himself, to a happier, more productive and compassionate chef.’

One might say it sounds easier in writing than it could ever in practice, but there are ways to make it work. How? Read about it in





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