• Anemona Knut

Restaurant Experience - Beach House Restaurant, Oxwich Bay, Wales

Just month ago, we have dined in this beautiful restaurants. We left amazed by the food and didn't spare compliments. But how could we? The setting of the restaurant is fantastic. A humble house standing at the golden croissant of a beautiful beach, spacious and simplistic interior, minimalistic table set up with carefully picked tableware, warm and professional service, and most of all, amazing cookery. The dishes are crafted with greatest consideration to best quality local ingredients. The menu this autumn features classic dishes like grouse, or roasted welsh lamb. Each meal starts with legendary laver bread but finishes with one of the stunning desserts. We had to try the Bara Brith souffle with tea ice cream and it was a feast! Not only you get a perfectly risen and faultlessly light souffle but you also get a bit of Wales with the flavours of its traditional spiced east cake gobbled over a cup of tea. Chef has worked really hard to have plenty of vegetarian options, out of which we have tasted the courgette flower and it was just perfect. Wine menu is approachable but edgy at the same time, with some unusual positions such as heavy, velvety red wine from Tikves vinery in Macedonia. Check their website here, and don't think twice of a place to eat when in Southern Wales.



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