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Restaurant Experience - exploring El Barri on a tour

Once named the most underrated Chef in the world, brother of Ferran Adria behind El Bulli, key character in one of the Netflix’s Chef’s Table series, Albert Adria has by now raised to a culinary legend status. Not only for the excellent and adventurous cooking, but mostly by changing the way people see fine dining. It was chefs like him, who were driven by pure passion for cooking, at the same having this urge for making the experience a bit more fun, who changed the way we do fine dining today. He was tired of people sitting in a sterile dining room, at the white clothed mini stages, in uncomfortable silence, often shyly participating in very serious spectacles. He opened tickets, the most fun tapas you could imagine, with plates served on carousels, and people leaving the meal feeling like children again. Soon he earned his first Michelin star, and his popularity grew enormously. Now he has a portfolio of five restaurants in Barcelona, and he offers an exclusive tour across all of them. Check the details on the official website here.



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Location: London, Mayfair


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