• Anemona Knut

Restaurant Experience - Punk Royale

This kind of restaurant just needed to happen. The fine dining food served in rough, for many unacceptable, for some intriguing and inspiring way. Not sure what exactly was going through Kalle Niesson’s head when writing down the performance scripts, but for many the tasting menu would be closesr to clochard’s feast on royal leftovers than they would want to go. There is no menu, the punk of a chef feeds you with tastes of something from a spoon. He then dollops caviar on your hand, asks you to lick it then waitress follows with a gas canister and out of it pours a shot of vodka for you to chase the beluga. You need give away your phone and it stays locked for the entire meal. There are Lego blocks scattered on the tables. Plates are garnished with torch burned rubber ducks, the foie gras canapes are dressed with rose hip gel as if a naughty kid made a joke and drew wonkiest emoji icons on the top, and you have just used all your foie gras - now you just have to serve it. Punk Royale now has two locations, in Stockholm and Sweden. If you are brave and hungry for a little of unruly madness - give it a try! Book through the official website.



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Location: London, Mayfair


Location: London, Mayfair


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells


Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

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