• Anemona Knut

Restaurant Experience - Under Lindesnes

Talking the restaurant experience this month we can not ignore the restaurant opened under the water off the norwegian coast near Lindesnes. Not only it is now world’s largest underwater restaurant, but it is everything the restaurants of the future should be. Starting from the building, created by forward thinking architects to perfectly fit in the environment and with time to become an artificial reef (not mentioning it’s made with the super trendy concrete). Adding the restaurant’s input in marine research, with the structure being used by scientists to monitor the sealife in immediate surrounding. Finishing with the menu, that conceptually has everything set up in the best possible way - local authentic ingredients sourced in sustainable way, foraging, seasonality, low or no meat (although it’s said to feature local seabirds too) and sophisticated and intelligent option for non alcoholic beverage pairing. Not surprisingly the restaurant is booked out 6 months up front. Visit the official website here.


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Location: London, Mayfair


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