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Innovation and change are most often driven by the passionate visionaries that pursue their visions with limited budgets, sparse professional backing or industry support. We know that's the case in arts, technology, fashion, but recently we are founding out this also takes place in food industry. At the dawn of the 21st century, the young food visionaries started coming back to crafting, they were given the 'hipster' label and at the beginning they were more treated more like radicals than precursors of future trends. A decade later we see places like Corinthia with wine program by previous owners of a small bar in a dark street of Hackney. We see red bubbly flowers of Michelin guide decorating the bare brick walls of once abandoned industrial halls in once scruffy East London. Now we also see the world's biggest names taking ideas from them on how to be inspired by ethically sourced and produced food.

In the article recently published by Farmdrop, we can see and some stuff that might seem odd, or fitting only most sophisticated (or devoted) foodies. The true innovators in the modern industry, who are yet to see the huge profits made with their products. Will they plough the field for the new seeds to be sawn? What would you say about pressed fruit cheese, a granola and muesli range made in first 100% zero waste factory, sauces made exclusively with fruit and ver discarded by the farmers or a fruit jerky in compostable packaging?



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Location: London, Mayfair


Location: London, Mayfair


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Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

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