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Sustainability - Urban Farms on City Hotels

Sustainability has many faces. Everyone you ask has their own way for introducing sustainable practices. For some it would involve reducing overall carbon footprint of the business, the others would pay more attention to resources, waste, energy usage. Many, however, especially in food industry, speak and bring on new ways of product sourcing, that would involve locally sourced, seasonal fruit and vegetable. Within those practices, the number of chefs who actually want to have their own garden grows rapidly. Michelin Starred, those picked by the World's 50 Best, are often lucky enough to be either set in the country side, where the access to soil is a bit easier than in a city, or they buy land outside of the city and have their own gardeners working for them. There is, however, many chefs with less recognition but not less ambition - they brought an entirely new culture to the business, urban gardens on the rooftops of their hotels.

'St Ermin’s Hotel in central London set up a kitchen garden on its roof terrace three years ago, after several years’ success in keeping beehives. Alex Boyd, the hotel’s Head Chef, says: “The garden was just a natural progression in our sustainability side and gives another feature to the hotel. We love it. We build our menus around it. Now we have a little more understanding about what grows and what doesn’t.”'

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