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Sustainability - what drives the change?

In face of today’s challenges thrown towards us by climate change, the questions of chicken and egg come back over and over again. Who can change the processes and habits so well rooted in our routines, and even cultures? Hospitalitynet has once again posed the same question to many industry leaders.

‘Our industry plays a key role when pursuing sustainability. Hospitality can contribute to the conservation of natural and cultural resources, as well as contributing to the wellbeing of local communities. In order to achieve this goal, hospitality can seek public-private alliances to maximize its positive impact over areas of influence, whilst also promoting the involvement of travelers in sustainable practices and environmental responsibility’ says José Koechlin von Stein Founder & CEO at Inkaterra Hotels.

Christopher Warren, a founder of My Green Butler says ‘There are more than three groups involved in making sustainability happen. To progress we need a) governments to introduce legislation and enforce it (given the targets we need longitudinal audits that test genuine change); b) guests have priorities and expect hospitality to be run responsibly, this means they can be included in service innovation far more than they are, they will act on what is provided; c) hospitality needs to take a long term view, but often firms do not own their own building preventing investment and service innovation beyond small cosmetic adjustments. So we also need d) investors to build and retrofit buildings to be more efficient and councils to mandate them. Independent/smaller firms, who own their buildings, need education so, e) destinations and OTAs could participate more by sharing knowledge and incentivizing its application. No one party holds the key, it is a complex game that all have to play with full participation if we are to achieve serious global carbon reductions’. To get more views, read the original article here.



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