• Anemona Knut

Technology - is personalisation in hospitality dead or alive?

'A recent report by Gartner predicts that, due to a lack of return on investment, 80% of marketers will stop investing in personalization by 2025. At first sight, therefore, personalization seems to be just a fad. Even worse: a hoax.' This is just one of the opinions on the future of personalisation. Some others go in just the opposite direction 'Not only is personalization alive and well in hospitality, but it is also about to take off exponentially, including some ways most of us can't even conceive of today. Advancements like personalized chatbots and attribute-based bookings are already here or on the way. Using a cell phone to open a guest room is going to seem like child's play when RFID starts being used to personalize the guest room art, adjust the temperature and automatically link the TV with the guest's Netflix account. Imagine if a hotel pointed artificial intelligence at every incoming guest's social media accounts, and after finding a predetermined number of food pictures, initiated an automated, personalized chat with the “chef”, requesting input on the dinner specials during the guest's upcoming stay' - do you want to hear more from the industry experts? Click the link here for the full article from HospitalityNet.



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