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Training tips - Importance of etiquette in hospitality

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The great service is no longer the attribute of fine dining and luxurious venues. The modern times prove the greatness can be delivered in a pub, in a 12 seater family restaurant, or in a simple country B&B. What is greatness? It is the hospitality, the quality of our products, and most of all the service we give. In service few things are not regarded that much anymore - things like white shirts and black waistcoats, silver trays and teapots, white table cloths, clean shaved waiter, and a host greeting you in the door speaking the old high English. But what really counts, is the warmth, the personality, the care and most of all, the courtesy and basic etiquette.

We came across this very interesting interview with Philip Sykes from the British School of Etiquette, who shares his experience and gives advise on training and application of etiquette in hotel service. Although we do not entirely agree to everything he says, as he clearly represents the approach from high end luxurious brands, we agree any restaurateur will find something they could take for themselves. Read the full story here




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