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We can’t name a city that would be more Punk today than Berlin. The feel of street life is what makes it one of most exciting places in Europe, and it ticks all of our boxes. The tormented history, the bi-polar character of the city, the wall... do we need to say more? Berlin gives us the tradition, good beer and grilled sausage in curry sauce, but it also takes us for a night out in quirky techno clubs, or random street parties. Art in Berlin is not only limited to man shaped street lights or graffiti on the remains of the wall, just check this list out, pick a few and then go to the Museum of Communism. For music, forget the typical German folk music you would associate with the main stage of October fest in your town, think more of new romantic disco and 99 air balloons. Berlin is Germany’s heart of electronic music, and Germans definitely have their own distinctive style that dances so well. Not mentioning the famous club opening hours - some of the memories (if you manage to save some) are of getting in one night, and leaving three days later, no joke! Here you can find the most famous club names. For sport fans, there is really nothing as big here as football, but you might always want to pop in to the Olympic stadium. Food scene started to refine just recently here, but it bloomed quickly. Today we have Michelin starred fine dining venues, and many small diners that blends the turkish influences with European traditions. Kreuzberg, the hipster enclave welcomes you at the metro station with a huge brutalist block of flats arching over a street where you can find good Asian street food as well as fantastic kebab. If you still prefer something more refine, follow the guide prepared by culturetrip. Hotel market in Berlin has been well established for a long time now, so the choice of luxury places is great. If you are looking for something more adventurous, there are places with rocking inflated hammocks in the lobby, or hotels with industrial feel, there is Ostel, which is designed to take you back in time to communistic 80’s, or one hotel that gives you a bathtub next to the bed. Check the selection prepared by Independent. There are some unique attractions in this post-soviet capital of east Germany as well, such as communism museum, or a city trip in a rented Trabant - the icon of communistic automobiles. Oh yea, and don’t forget to visit the areas around Warschauer Strasse, this is where the new things happen!



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