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Travel - Edinburgh, UK’s best city

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has gained a bad fame for its weather. For everything else - it’s been crowned the best city of Great Britain. It has been called the best city to live, by some it was best amongst the British, but for some - the best in the world. Indesputably it has incredible history, outstanding architecture and it doesn’t lack of landmarks - naming Edinburgh Castle and the Fourth bridge as the unavoidable sights. Following our criteria for the best cities, lets see what it offers in terms of modern culture. Art - Fringe festival is one of Europe’s most exciting, but check localguide before drawing a route for an art day out. Music - we know Edinburgh to be the father of punk rock, who conceived bands like The Exploited or Oi Polloi, and today it still delivers great live music experience, although not as groundbreaking as three decades ago. Before heading out for the night, check this list out and the programme of the bars. When it comes to sports, the fans of mainstream disciplines (unless it’s rugby or golf) might be disappointed, but those who are opened to new thrills will always find something - dodgeball, curling, hockey, roller derby or American football, are very often played here. Food and Beverage scene is exploding and many coming here do so actually for the food! The city hosts four 1 Michelin star restaurants, not counting many really creative and easy diners. Just check this Conde Nast Traveller guide and you would be left with a tough decision to make. Bev - we don’t need to tell you, do we? Read Scotsman‘s top 5 recommended whiskey tastings review to chose the one would speak to you. Finally - the hotels - Edinburgh still remains no1 UK’s city for hotel investment (Why - find out here)! There is so much to choose from in all price ranges, and with little research everyone can find a comfy bed. The selection of modern boutique hotels, with tasteful design and prime location has increased greatly. Our top choice will obviously be Eden Locke - an excellent aparthotel. Some others, the city’s newest editions that are worth mentioning will be a clipper turned into luxury hotel, Fingal; and Market Street Design hotel. To stay away from the tourists and feel a little bit like a local, just head to Stockbridge, which is one of the city’s most local and genuine districts. Once the city gets to you with one too many whisky nights out, just sneak out into the wild. The Cairngorms, one of Britain’s most breath taking national parks, is just a stone throw away.



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