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Before we start with our guide to coolest cities in Europe, lets draw out what makes the modern city attractive, buzzy, vibrant and creative. As we are in Europe, most of the cities will already come with a great load of history. The ultimate combination for the best city experience is a perfect blend of the historical background, interesting architecture with unique landmarks and the great deal of places that represent our modern culture of Europe. What are we looking for in the ultimate city? It will be - art trails, music life, sport events, great food and drinks scene, obviously fantastic places to stay and great transport links. Great city needs a young, creative and loud district, and ideally, there would be some spectacular nature around the city too.

When it comes to Manchester, it ticks all the boxes not only for us, as it seems, but for many others too. International tourism rocketed up in the past couple of years, with the numbers of visitors increasing almost by 300k yearly. Historically, what made Manchester was really the industrial revolution of Victorian Times, hence the architecture of the city is quite specific. A bit dark, heavy, raw and very industrial.

Check these articles for the things to do when discovering the capital in the north. Manchester evening news has perfectly described all the aspects of modern culture in Manchester in 10 easy points. Metro characterised best aspects of living in Manchester. Here you can find the 30 best dining spots and 10 best craft beer pubs. If you wanted where to stay, check this list of the hotels out, not forgetting our spot - the Whitworth Locke.



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