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Travel - Rome when you don’t want the Vatican queue

Rome can be both, the worst nightmare and the biggest surprise. If you are for the classical trip with ancient sites and famous galleries, you definitely will be better off if someone organises it for you - the bookings are essential if you want to skip worlds’ worst queues. But if you would be happy just to breathe the atmosphere of this amazing city, feel the soul of the ancient romans just walking the streets they did, but at the same time avoid the madness of tourist haze, you still are up for a treat. Trastevere has now risen to the status of iconic easy going hub with many small osteria’s and bars with live music. Just check the local’s guide prepared by The Guardian if in doubt. Some other areas are Monti, Pigneto or San Lorenzo are also hidden gems - just check this Culture Trip read about it. Not mentioning the food Roma has on offer - it is truly one of world’s best cities to eat, and no, don’t just go for the carbonara and artichokes! Check this Telegraph for some hints.



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