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Trends 2020 - the food of the future

We don't believe in predicting future, because future is happening already now. The only right thing to do is to observe the world around us and choose what we want the future to carry forward. This is certainly the case in food and hospitality industry. We do not only respond to our guests' needs, but we are also co-responsible for influencing them. This month we want to focus on the most recent food trends, and we will gradually pick those we believe will benefit us all.

We have browsed through some articles and found many different lists, nomitations, selections - you name it. But here are few we think are about to change the world... even if just by a tiny bit

Sustainability and regenerative agriculture - which basically means we should, we will and we slowly are getting more involved and interested on where our food comes from and what impact it has on the planet. We will eat more seasonally, increasing the amount of local produce used, and we will pay attention to the ethics of farming, both in meat and vegetable markets.

West African Cuisine - African food - hell yeah! If you haven't yet fallen in love with Ethiopian food culture, you have some homework to do. If you did, we suggest you go a step further and start discovering the traditions of west coast. Afterall, this is where grains such as fonio, teff and millet are originating from, as well as the super known and celebrated superfoods - moringa and tamarind!

Rethinking Kids Menus - right about time, parents are really fed up with the mac and cheese, bangers and mash type of kids menus. The kids, more than us really, need meals that are healthy and nutritious. Time to throw some sushi rolls, mini avocado toasts and small noodle bowls on your colour-in menu.

Low or No Alcohol - water, juice and tea is great but not enough anymore, and drinking booze at anytime of day and night is not cool anymore. Bartenders of the world, this is a true time for you to raise and shine. Can you make cocktails that will keep us a bit happier but will not knock us out our feet? I will have 5, please.

Meat-Plant blends - what a great way to reduce meat consumption! And we are not talking about sausages made with 40% meat and the rest being some artificial fillers - meat and mushroom burger sounds so much better, doesn't it?

Intermittent fasting - finally we see a possibility we won't be nagged to try yet another miracle diet. The answer to staying fit and keeping the body shape is much simpler. We don't really need to eat that much. We can eat what we want, but we need to eat less, introducing some short periods of fasting. Not only it will help us get rid of extra fat tissue - those short hunger strikes are proven to be great for cancer prevention and overall immunity boost. Some of the big screen stars are already doing it.

New types of menus - menus now will start reflecting the world food habits. People travel more, know more traditions, so there will be more cross-cultural cooking. Chinese ceviche? If it tastes well... Then, we will have more options for people with food restrictions - vegan tasting menus in fine dining - yes, it's coming. There will be more spotlights shining on regional cuisines. We no longer will be eating Mexican, for example, but now you will be given a dish from Oaxaca or Yucatan. Chefs will also get more involved in finding better, more sustainable way to accommodate our fancy new likes - finding new flours and milks will be one of them.

If you want to dig the subject for yourself - just follow the links to the original publications on Forbes, Delish.com, big seven travels and BBC.

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